A niche and dedicated service
for your true beauty

With an exeperience of 20 years in medical visual aesthetic field.
Now you can find your true beauty under the guidance of an world
wide celebrated visual artist.

An unique opportunity to experience a higher level of your own true beauty making use of an artistic analysis through modern computers and visual technologies.


We understand the importance of privacy and are committed to maintaining the confidentiality of your medical information or identity.

Dedicated Consulting

Beauty is not a pattern. Here, one can find personalized service, specialized and focused on individual qualities in order to achieve true beauty.


The increasing need of higher quality aesthetic excellence opened the opportunity to this niche service to exist.

Now you can sculpt your dreams into reality.
Shape your looks and fulfill your life experience.

I’m offering you the special opportunity to find the perfection of your own true beauty under the guidance and professional advice of a visual artist. In this manner you can perfectly refine your ideal personal image of beauty that you would like to achieve. The detailed and personalized approach is the very key to excellent results.

With 20 years experience

in medical visual aesthetic field.

UNESCO gold medal for Arts

awarded in 2005, Athens.

Graduated from the Academy of Fine Arts in Bucharest in 1998 and with PhD in Visual Arts. In 1996 Bogdan Lascar, founded the Aesthetic Counseling, a unic service in the field of Aesthetic Surgery at Clinic Profesor Dr. Ioan Lascar, Bucharest, Romania. He was Teaching Assistant in the Department of Sculpture at the same Academy between 2004 and 2006. Lives and works in Bucharest and Dubai (UAE).

Professional Experience
  • Founder of Aesthetic Consulting service in 1996
  • A strong presence in the field of international contemporary art, true personal and group shows in the most prestigious art galleries.
  • Art teaching activities in the academic field.
  • Co-founder and Vice President of “Lascar Foundation”.
Founder of the concept of “Neurophysiological Shaping”

You can see the complete resume at this link.

Since ancient times, the need

for aesthetic perfection of the

human physical appearances

was perceived as a challenge.

The art, as a vector of the most superior forms of human expression, became the excellent environment for shaping, invention, innovation and application of countless solutions în the subtle field of beauty science.

Through history, models and beauty patterns have succeeded inevitably, there constant transformation being motivated and supported by the very progress of human civilisation.

This interesting mixture between the refined and purely subjective domain of Visual Art and the pragmatic Medical Science can only be a happy and constructive one.

In the last century, we can notice a major involvement in the spectacular adventure of beauty science of a privileged branch of medicine, which is cosmetic surgery.

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